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About Us

MARIVES is a Bulgarian-Belgian translation agency created by Mariya Todorova and Yves Van Ooteghem. The idea for its creation arose from our shared passion for languages and translation.

The team of Marives is made up of qualified translators, working with different language combinations. We specialise in translations from and to English and the languages of the Iberian Peninsula. Naturally, you can also contact us in case you need Dutch-Bulgarian translations.

The quality of all translations we offer has to be extremely high. Therefore every translation is proofread by a specialist. Your documents are in the hands of experienced translators and proofreaders.


How did you learn about Marives?

Website Translation


Areas we have experience IN:

  • pharmaceutical translation
  • medical translation
  • technical translation
  • literary translation
  • translation in the field of tourism
  • translation in the field of marketing
  • translation in the field of advertising
  • subtitling
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