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About Us


Professional translations

You can order any kind of translation with us. We specialise in:

  • pharmaceutical translation
  • medical translation
  • technical translation
  • literary translation
  • translation in the field of tourism
  • translation in the field of marketing and advertising
  • subtitling

Our translations are faithful to the original.

Review and proofreading

You can order proofreading of any kind of text. The team of Marives will dedicate a lot of attention to every project. We work efficiently and accurately to make sure you will be satisfied with our services.


Website translation

Every website needs a good translation so your business can easily convey its message to its current and potential clients abroad. We help your business talk “international” and we do much more than just translating. Localization is essential because we will adapt your ideas to the target market and make them perfectly understandable for your foreign clients.

You can easily place your order by filling in the contact form on the website.

We accept documents in different file formats.



Hoe heeft u Marives leren kennen?

Website vertaling


Onze voornaamste vakgebieden:

  • farmaceutica
  • gezondheidszorg
  • techniek
  • literatuur
  • toerisme
  • ondertiteling
  • marketing
  • advertentiecampagnes
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